Apparently, I just love me some hunny....

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As a children's librarian, I just couldn't resist finding out which character from Winnie the Pooh I would be. I have to say, I slightly resent being characterized as "a bit slow."


OMG! - Size H!!!

Wow, someone in the Old Navy hierarchy must be a Rex Navarrete fan because they now have "Husky" sizes in the boys' section! That's darn high-larious..... They actually used the word HUSKY! I love it!


Bahay Home

As a furniture lover, I was ecstatic to find out that there's a new modern furniture store in Culver City called Bahay Home. "Bahay" is Tagalog for "home." They've got really pretty stuff; too bad I can't afford any of it!


Babyface love

I am completely obsessed with Babyface's new album, Playlist. I've always been a huge fan ("A summer love is beautiful, but it's not enough.....") and I love every song on this darn thing. 'Face gets to show off his awesome acoustic guitar skills while doing these beautiful, folky, soulful covers of songs like Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and James Taylor's "Fire and Rain." Maybe it's because I'm getting a little older and my music tastes have changed and matured over time, but just I can't stop playing it at home and in the car.



Today has just been one of those days that is just driving me insane! Must rant..... Weird patron after weird patron and weird patron, totally inept and just darn irritating in their neediness!!!! Can't stand it!


Spidey as Rick Hunter?

Maguire Swings Toward Robotech Role

While it's quite exciting that Robotech is going be made into a live action movie, I'm not so sure Tobey Maguire would make a very good Rick Hunter or Roy Fokker. Gosh, that just screams geek, doesn't it? They better darn well use some of the original music..... And who could possibly fill Min May's shoes?


Funniest mommy moment of the week

So, my husband went back to school this morning (he's a teacher). As we were getting ready to leave for the day we told my daughter, "Daddy's going to work today. Mommy's going to work today." She started to fuss a bit and I was getting stuff together in the kitchen. Just as I was about to walk over to her I hear my husband say, "Daddy's going to work today. Now, why does daddy go to work?" And my fabulous two-year-old replies, "Get money." Hee hee! I had no idea he'd taught her that. Oh, how sad but true!


Danish lounge chair w/ new cushions

The fruit of my labor from this week's day off. Got this 50s era chair off eBay, but the cushions were quite foul. So, new cushions from this company that custom cuts medium density foam for a really reasonable price, batting from Joanne's, awesome Etsuka Furuya fabric from reprodepot, and ta da! Cute new chair for reading, lounging, chillin', etc.... The cushion covers I figured out how to do from an article in ReadyMade, but the corners were a bit of a headache/nightmare. Ugh, those really takes some sewing practice.

Picture book wall

A more stylish take on Jim Trelease's (the why-it's-important-to read-aloud-to-kids guru) suggestion of displaying books face out at home, low enough for small kid hands to reach. We used picture rail shelves from CB2. Above is a few magnet rails from Ikea to display the li'l one's artwork.


Okay, I'm not so crazy....

Hey, maybe I'm more home fashion-forward than I think. Check out this pic from Ty Pennington's (of Trading Spaces fame) new LA store, ADHD. As my 2 year old would say, "Same same!"


Vacation projects

I was on vacation this past week so I decided to try and finish up some long awaited home projects. We've lived in our townhouse for 4 years and only now am I getting to things like hanging pictures on the walls.

I love my hubby! Only a man truly secure in his manhood would allow his wife to hang crazy curtains like these! I was feeling like my living room was a bit staid, so I went off the deep end of quirkiness.... An added bonus was that I got to use my awesome semi-new Husqvarna Viking "Huskystar" (I love that name! Reminds me of the hubby.) sewing machine. I now present my Amy Butler Cherry Wall Flower curtains:

The print on the right was purchased years ago at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture in San Pedro. On the left are first issue native orchid postage stamps from my Auntie Cathy who's a nun in the Philippines. She knows I'm all nationalista and she always sends me the coolest stuff. I mounted them on some cool Free Spirit fabric and put them in a shadow box.

Inspired by a painting hanging at a good friend's house, I bought a similar painting on eBay. And we finally got our giant spoons and forks on the wall -- essential in every Filipino household -- a gift from the hubby's aunt who just immigrated a couple years back.


I miss him terribly!

Oh, I'm so sad Harry Potter is finished. Weep weep weep..... I finished Monday morning, dragged myself to work after a mere 3 hours of sleep, endured an awful lack-o'-sleep headache (I sure am not as young as I used to be), all while mourning the fact that I'll never get to look forward to another of Harry's adventures in print. Thank goodness JK *might* write that encyclopedia!


Just a few more hours....

Our library's copies of HP7 are being delivered to the branch today. Each copy will be under lock and key and we're all under the strictest of oaths to not open those darn covers, even just for a peek. It's like I could lose my job strict. It's absolute torture of the worst kind since I'm really the only one here that even cares what the heck happens to dear Harry and Co. So now I have to sit here all day and agonize over the fact that there is a brand new copy of that darn book just a few feet away and I can't lay my hands on it!!!!! AAARRRGHHH!

Ok, I will not lose my job over this..... I will not lose my job over this..... I will not lose my job over this!


Baker's Edge brownie pan

This is the darn coolest thing ever!!!! For those of us who *love love love* brownie corners and edges, this is a gift from the invention gods! I'm ordering 2, one for me and one for a certain sibling whose birthday is quickly approaching. Ya gotta love foodie ingenuity! Available at fredflare.com (never been to this site before but I may also be picking up one of these, just cuz it's so dang cute).


Birthday blues

I must be getting older this week cuz I've been feeling rather crotchety. Just a general sort of malaise that's been manifesting itself in mild snippiness and getting annoyed rather easily. I'm not quite as bad as this....

....but close. I really should check my horoscope to see if Mercury's going to be burning my house down while in retrograde anytime soon.

Well, at least I'll be able to mind-meld with my other favorite sorcerer this weekend.


Industrial chocolate chip cookies

For some reason, my favorite chocolate chip cookies are those ones you can only get at hotels while at a conference or training or something. For lack of a better term, I'll call them "industrial" since they always seem to be the same cookies no matter what hotel you're at. Big, chewy, no nuts, decent chocolate, not overly sweet, synthetic vanilla equals yummy. It must be the type of lard they put in there. Sheesh, was that random or what?