Recipe #4: Baked Chicken Nuggets

Source:  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Baked-Chicken-Nuggets/Detail.aspx

Like many busy parents, chicken nuggets comprise an entire food group for my kid.  Hey, both my husband and I work full-time and time is always of the essence.  Yet I've watched enough Morgan Spurlock and flipped through enough Cooking Light magazines to know that fast food pretty much scrapes the bottom of the nutritional barrel.

Sadly, knowledge alone is not enough to stop me from cruising through the drive thru when there is just not enough gosh dang time to get anything else to eat.  To combat the twinge of guilt I feel every time I see my kid pick up and put a McDonald's processed chickeny substance in her mouth (why is it that they're always the same exact shape?), I'm constantly in search of a healthier nugget alternative.

Did this recipe fit the bill?  Unfortunately, no.  Despite my modifications -- panko instead of standard bread crumbs, the addition of my beloved garlic salt -- these chicken nuggets were really just...... bland and boring.  Too boring to ever fool my kid into eating and liking them.  I do realize though that I am probably being overly critical and that my desire to eat healthier is not always successful at overcoming the fact that I truly love the taste of real, deep fried breading.

One thing I am learning as I wade through my clipped out recipe file is that I feel like one can never wholly trust user uploaded recipes from sites like allrecipes.com, despite high ratings.  Maybe my palate is just non-traditional or something, but it's pretty rare I've found something online, published by a home cook that meets my expectations.

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