Recipe #3: Apple Cranberry Galette

Source:  Parents Magazine, Sept. 2010, from the article "Easy as Pie."

Plenty of the recipes in Parents Magazine, which I really don't read all that often because it's just so good at making me feel like an inadequate parent, are the type you can do with your kids.  This one was true to its promise.  Here's my 5 year old forming the dough for the crust prior to putting it in the fridge to chill. 

And another pic, 'cause she's so dern cute.  The little one also helped me stir the sugar and cinnamon into the apple-cranberry mix.

Our pre-oven galette, which I learned is basically a free-form pie.  Mmmmm....  look at the cubes of unsalted butter dotting the fresh fuji apples and frozen cranberries from Trader Joe's (or as my mom used to like to say, "Trader's Joe").

And our absolutely loverly galette post-oven.....  Gotta say, score one for The Box!  This was completely delicious.  Not overly sweet, cranberries adding a nice tartness.  The crust was light, crispy, also not too sweet, and slightly healthier than usual due to the addition of whole wheat pastry flour (hey, gotta counteract the whole dotting the fruit with butter, right?).

3 recipes down, 36 to go, 2 additions to the recipe box.  Ah, progress feels good.

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