2011: The Year of the Recipe

So, I've finally figured out a fairly reasonable and tangible goal for the new year.  Inspired by the need to clear out the kalat (tagalog for clutter) in my kitchen and watching Julie and Julia via Netflix instant queue, I am going to cook my way through the recipes I've collected on little scraps of paper from the Internet, various cookbooks and magazines, and coworkers and friends. 

After going through my bits of paper, I've narrowed it down to 18 entrees, 8 sides and salads, and 10 desserts. 36 recipes over a year......  Not too undoable I think, especially considering a few months of this year will be dominated by trying to stay awake as we transition to having 2 brand spankin' new babies in this house.  Armed with my slow cooker and my new dutch oven and immersion blender, I think I can do it!

Once cooked, I will determine whether or not those recipes are good enough to make it into The Box -- what I've designated as my permanent recipe collection to be shared with loved ones, at potlucks, and passed down to my kiddos.  Wish me luck!  Hmmmm...... I should probably sharpen my knives.

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